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Time to Level the Playing Field

 Actively learning to play an instrument can help a child's academic achievement 

There’s little doubt that learning to play a musical instrument is great for developing brains. 


Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids. 


However not all Children have the luxury to purchase an instrument, much less pay for private lessons to keep them on the same playing field as other students they will perform with and compete against. 


The importance of affording an instrument and/or lessons needs to be addressed. 


Unfortunately so many students might have a “natural talent” but don’t have the chance to develop it because of financial difficulties. 


How about the students that have an instrument and just need the private lessons/instruction that others have to make it a fair and level playing field for competitions. 


During a visit to a Local High School I saw this need. 


Growing up I was in band. My mother was a single mother raising 5 children and she did the best she could. I remember at one point my instrument had a rubber band wrapped around it to hold the keys in place. However with such sincere gratitude to my mother (and looking back not even truly knowing what she gave up to send me to private lessons) I was fortunate to have that chance. That chance gave me self-assurance in my abilities. Allowing me to play and compete with confidence. Going to competitions and having the discipline necessary to practice and perform helped to develop traits that I use now in life and business both. 


Knowing what an effect that had in my life, I want that same chance for all Students. That is why I have founded “Time to Level the Playing Field”. 


“Time to Level the Playing Field” is a nonprofit that chooses students, with the help of the Band Directors, who are in need, focusing on one student at a time to help them in their music venture. 


With the Help of Donations of Money and Music Teachers Donation of Time, “Time to Level the Playing Field” will be able to provide an opportunity for students that might have been previously missed. 


Your donation can help students like Alonso who received a new Trumpet right in time for High School Band tryouts. We love being able to have such a great impact on Students lives and futures. 

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